22 June 2012

fresh liveset

recorded 19th may 2012 in Eindhoven during the uniks vs den bass event

02 May 2012


Some time ago I decided to re-work one of the pictures my dear brother took ages ago, it then became part of this exhibition, proudly presenting:

-- on air --

I'll deliver a full on liveset with twists and turns and sonic landscapes that will tickle the inside of your eyeballs

20 April 2012

-- playtime --

I'll be doing a live set, not yet sure what time, it actually is an event that starts early 14pm - 02am

30 March 2012

out now : accu records oo7 - Be e.p.

its finally out on heavy weight vinyl, the be e.p. by toysfornoise

prelisten here or go to juno for example : http://www.junodownload.com/products/be/1933930-02/

this ep will be released digitally on the 11th april, so now you can finally play the wav's and support the system for more noise !

from 30th march at ANTENNE (tilburg) and SHIPWREC STORE (nijmegen)
from 5th april Toolbox Distribution Paris

contact me if you would like to help out in getting these tunes into the world

suport the system

21 March 2012

entering the "digital only zone"

My first "digital only" release has seen the light of day, it came out on the Spirit of Progress label and you can find it here :


it's not my regular cruising speed but quite nice for a change !

the release also features a collab with "hidden rooms" that resulted in a slamming piece of music :