08 December 2006

Sonic Boom

Ok, so the real flyer was not this colourful, it was pure black and white cut and paste artwork that I did myself.

This was the night. A dream come true ! The artist was coming that Finsent and me have had on the top of our list for a long time. We have almost all of his stuff in our collection & have been huge fans from the moment we heard his songs, not knowing what or how or who, but simply allways, yes allways being touched by a sort of witty wink whenever Biochip C is using the uplifting samples, breakbeats and 303lines in his tracks, where his styles simply sit in any box, and come out and cross over to another one without even making you realise that it's taking place. And above all, his music makes you smile and wanna have a good time along with the rest of the souls around you.

Biochip C playing in our hometown, at our party ! Ok, he did not do a live set, which would have been the ultimate, but as he no longer had his oldskool hardware setup, it was not possible for him to do a live gig, so he came and did an acid dj set instead. This was a night where we as wirwar could enjoy the music, instead of having to run around making sure all is going ok. Which is normally what we have to do when we do throw a party ourselves.

In short, all acts rocked bigtime, and yes, all in their unique ways...
And Biochip ended the night, playing after DanDoormouse, which was a shock for some, as biochip started with 130bpm old clean acid, and then took us along, faster and harder, mixing his way to the point where he was starting to run out of records, and boy, was I glad I was there to be of assistance ! As he had mentioned earlier that he had not taken any of his own records along and that if I wanted, I could play these myself, as I was starting the night. Turned out it was too difficult to do a nifty thingie with biochips records as I was playing along with Wout, which also was ok, but we played totally different sort of tekno. And this meant that his tunes had yet remained unplayed, and now he could play them himself as I quickly handed him some of his own tracks that I had brought along. What a blast it was.. it all truelly was a Sonic Boom :)

07 December 2006

de dia project toren

November has been a very colourfull month for me, as I have been busy projecting my brothers slides on the big tower that is being constructed right in front of my house. After moving house, the time had come to unpack, and at a certain point I came across the slides that my brother had made a few years ago. He had been experimenting with plastic colourfilters that are being used in professional lighting rigs. He constructed new slides by cutting up the coloured pieces of plastic and inserting these into the empty slide. The result is a sort of glass-in-lead effect and the fun really starts when you combine the slides to make one big "picture" allowing the slides to cross into each others fields and thus blending the colours.
So I had started by projecting two slides, and then it all kind of got out of control.... More projectors, more slides, creating new slides, getting feedback, and finally writing a press infosheet and sending it to the newspaper, resulting in a visit from a journalist, photographer and a complete filmcrew for brabants dagblad (TV).
So on the 3rd Nov, one day before my mum's birthday, there was a big article with full colour photograph in "het Brabants Dagblad" which was the nicest birthday present for my mummy I could imagine ! Also the film crew made a short movie that you can see here:
Right now the slide projectors are back in their storage boxes, awaiting a new moment where they can project the coloured rays of energy.

02 October 2006

team wasted 6.06

It has arrived, one of my dreams came true, two tracks on vinyl.
You can listen to the tracks and check out all artwork here:


And a big thanx to Typhique for the amazing artwork for the sleeve !)

19 May 2006

funky funky

Another one of my dreams coming true, sharing the stage with some of my all time heroes !
Mail me if you would like a copy of the recording and remember to keep on dreaming while being wide awake !

16 March 2006

Qui Que Boe

Wirwar soundsystem, joining forces with NoizR'us and D'Struct They decided it was time to head to Antwerp and see if they could rock the harbour...... and yes, they did ! The party was kicking, for those able to find the location :)
Qui Que Boe and Typhique, at the back of the "dancefloor" with their live set as the sun was about to come out, the mud was still there, catching those tooo drunk to see where they were going. The tunes we were letting out of the main mixer were a bit harsh but still somewhat "danceable" uhum....... mail me if you like a cope of the recording of that magical moment.