19 November 2008

nerdlab in de verkadefabriek - den bosch

it was nice ! great venue, nice people, loads of visitors from all around. glad the entrance was free thanx to some sort of subsidy, great acts - sounds - installations - bend toys and visuals - even my parents showed up and braved the sounds we eventually produced, finding our way trough the sonic jungle our bend toy orchestra created .... it was a beautifull experimental night, learned loads in many ways ... thanx

12 November 2008

circuit band playing again

coming the 20th december we will be playing again, this time it will be in the factory (de fabriek) in rotterdam, where there will be a full day of electronic arty farty thingies ... more info soon ...

--OPEN INVITATION----------Dear artist/designer/performer/developer/geek,

De Fabriek hosts a media arts event on saturday the 20th of december. The event will feature workshops, live acts and installations. This is a call for participation in any of the categories.

The event is non-profit and will be free to the public. We are looking for participants who enjoy sharing and showing their work in an inspiring environment like De Fabriek. We can't pay fees but we provide a public platform for your work and a great opportunity to meet and exchange. We provide the technical production/equipment (as much as possible).

Live acts:
Live audiovisuals, DIY/circuit-bent electronics, media-augmented performances and more...

Interactive environments, generative audiovisuals, robotics and more...

Do you have skills or tricks in media/interactive/electronic/digital arts and technology you want to share? Can you teach or build it in a session of a couple of hours? Lets hear it...
(Visitors can be charged a fee for material costs.)

Send your application to info@defabriek.nu. Please forward to anyone interested!

About foundation De Fabriek:
De Fabriek is an alternative art and culture center in Rotterdam. It's a working and exhibiting platform run by an independent collective of about 40 artists and creatives. We provide a low-threshold and inspiring environment for artists, designers, audiovisual companies and more to start off and develop their work and businesses in. At the same time we provide a public scene for the exhibition and performance of alternative art and music. Independence, self-support and creative freedom are the fundaments of De Fabriek.
--------------------- De Fabriek Rotterdam

subcom labelnight

coming friday, I will be playing in hasselt, belgium. It's the subcom labelnight for a good dose of hardwired music it seems .... I'll be bringing a fresh dose of accu records along, together with my hopefully a bit more easy to install liveset, all properly cased up now, so lets see how it goes, see you there :)

09 November 2008

accu 003 centripetal forces ep

yes, again, the colours come out all wonky and wrong ....
but hey , for now this is the sleeve pre-view sort of thing

its here, finally ...

definately worth the wait, feel the artwork, working its way round and round
energy is a beautiful thing !
artwork by typhique - multitimbral is the name if his audio-visual studio and as most design dummies he is still working on his own website ... yep ..
music was mastered and cut by martin giles, alchemy uk and pressed on 160grams black vinyl by record industry, housed in again a very very colourful sleeve ...
contact me if you wanna help in the distribution process
fuck caSh - we need music =_*

21 October 2008

wirwar vs crackbeats

circuitbenders night in den bosch

yes, finally we are bending again, it had been years ....
x11, typhique and myself (as the circuit bandit) will be performing as the circuit band on the 29th october .... entrance is free for all
come and see - hear what our noisy toys and drum machines will spit out !

06 August 2008

hello you

finn ijzer bruin has been born

a new earthling has arrived .... Son of marco broeders and anja dekkers, born 260708 as a blue electric storm according to the mayan calendar... what you see here is the result of the most amazing babycard i've ever seen, let alone, have to put together ..... great fun to do, I now have a little finn, sitting on the speaker !

01 August 2008

twiddly diddley

having fun with photoshop ..... way past my bedtime .....

17 July 2008

accu records 002 the cailleach ep out now

the caileach ep - music created live by paul van der wees
mastered and cut by martin giles - alchemy uk
pressed on 160gr black vinyl by record industry nl and housed in its own colourfull sleeve ... free downloads - listening www.musicv2.com/artist/toysfornoise
contact me for a real copy !!!

06 June 2008

back again

wow, almost three months since the last words were typed up ....
been very busy launching my recordlabels into the world, that takes time and loads of energy, but right now there are only 120 records left of each release at my little storageroom. more than 1700 records are either on their way to their final destinations, or awaiting the moment when they get send off from the distributors store rooms....

06 March 2008

oud en nieuw was huge.... loads of people visited the hall of fame where we decided to do our thing, till the small hours of the new year we had fun...

ilovetekno was gruwelijk according to some... I had a blast doing my thing, glad I was not on the dancefloor as the speakers were really thumping out the music in a no-compromise way.... surely some folk damaged their ears that night...

wirwar's noizmassiv collaboration was nice too.... busy busy busy and what a musical treat we experienced, great djsets and livesets, great decoration skills by co2 great vj-ing by mr goatee " haariaari" arjan... and the way back was fun, driving 40 kilometers per hour behind four snowtrucks plowing away the snow that had fallen just prior to us departing.... thanx to fer and eli for having us !

time to pull the covers

and do some typing again... loads of things have happened in the past months, some of you might have noticed my new record labels that have seen the light of day, born on the 19th december 2007, my three little babies are now marching all over the world.
I am working hard on the follow up, accu 002 and 003 are on their way...
i'll try to update this thing a bit more.... lets pretend the darkest months have passed ....