22 January 2010

15012010miksformichelle by toysfornoise

found a new "nest" for my music and mixes -- lets see how it will go, a fresh mix has been added .... enjoy

15012010miksformichelle  by  toysfornoise

21 January 2010

what a night ...

batcave totally packed --- it was back to the old days ...
visuals were amazing, livedrawings being "gamed" onscreen, creating cool extra dimensions behind the dj-s ....

cutting the first track at the exchange

acid teknooooo

cutting lacquers for accu records

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mastering and cutting fresh lacquers ...
never mind the noise from the vacuumcleaner that is sucking away all the acetate that the music is being cut into .... without the hoover it sounds very fine indeed !!

ha ha ... acid teknoooooo