02 April 2007


In february 2004 my brother was given a musical present for his birthday, it was a track that was made by his girlfriend Michelle. They never had the chance to let the making of this track evolve into other things as they were both taken from us on that terrible 29th february 2004. This was the only livetrack Michelle made and now, three years later her friends have released this unique piece of music making it a very sweet and beautiful way to remember Michelle.

kx party foto flash

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01 April 2007

KX always getting harder to find :)

wow, what a discharge this was !
I hope I havent damaged any ears, there was actually a girl that came up to me while I was playing, looking all anxious..... eeeeeh some of your sounds are really harsh, do you know ? Ha ha ! I quickly dove back into my sound... having been distracted a couple of times already, I now knew what to do.... Close off the surrounding in a way, and listen, act and react ...
This was the last night in the squat in veldhoven that has been used for 5 years, it was a worthy farewell ! And it was time that I played again ! Re-assuring synergetic process ------ charge ----- discharge ----
the set has been recorded, but I need to check if it truelly has been captured..