06 April 2009

right next to my alltime heroes .. but a bit strange ....

right next to my heroes from dublin,
and the prodigy etc ...

the strange thing is, all these sites are selling my music, and I dont know nottin about it all ... let alone that I get any money ...
the f**ked up thing is, the site where I hosted my tracks is bankrupt ..., that site was my answer to these illegal mp3 sites ... basically this way, anyone could download my music for FREE in the highest quality mp3 possible.... and the diehards will buy the vinyl anyway ... so I hope all these mp3suckersites choke on it ..

slide project-tower short movie

for a long time the movie about my brothers slides I projected was gone,
lost in the digital highway...
now I found it again, on the same highway, guess I took the right turn this time,
so here it is .. it was a few years ago ... one of the first
lighting tribute projects for my dear brother Finsent
.... with many to follow ..