19 March 2007

Change your believes . . .

What also happened, but what certain systems don't want you to see about 911

Luckily there are human beings who don't stay put, and swallow what the government tries to feed them, they asked questions, tried to find answers and came up with this, demanding an audience for their claims, as the government and big corporations simply try to bury the truth. . . Here is a movie with simply loads and loads of "cold as steel" facts, that one can not deny, in no way, and if you do, I simply do not have any other option than to declare you officially brainwashed . .

Bloody Bush is the biggest terrorist of all.... and the major of NY going along in the conspiracy, after all one needs to co-ordinate the destruction of the evidence after the twin towers had come down, and how did they place the explosives, you'll see when you see the documentary. let's guess what the major of NY will get as a reward in the future ....

One of my future releases will likely be called,
qui que boe - "hard as twintowersteel" actua;lly. let's release it on 911 2007 !

And before I forget look here !!!

Then, if you are still hungry for more... see the way they invest the pensionmoney in holland. . . documentary in dutch by Zembla, I was completely disgusted to be dutch after I saw this. . . not that other countries will be different I think . . have a look here !!!

To top things off, a german documentary about the asassination on Theo van Gogh