12 November 2008

circuit band playing again

coming the 20th december we will be playing again, this time it will be in the factory (de fabriek) in rotterdam, where there will be a full day of electronic arty farty thingies ... more info soon ...

--OPEN INVITATION----------Dear artist/designer/performer/developer/geek,

De Fabriek hosts a media arts event on saturday the 20th of december. The event will feature workshops, live acts and installations. This is a call for participation in any of the categories.

The event is non-profit and will be free to the public. We are looking for participants who enjoy sharing and showing their work in an inspiring environment like De Fabriek. We can't pay fees but we provide a public platform for your work and a great opportunity to meet and exchange. We provide the technical production/equipment (as much as possible).

Live acts:
Live audiovisuals, DIY/circuit-bent electronics, media-augmented performances and more...

Interactive environments, generative audiovisuals, robotics and more...

Do you have skills or tricks in media/interactive/electronic/digital arts and technology you want to share? Can you teach or build it in a session of a couple of hours? Lets hear it...
(Visitors can be charged a fee for material costs.)

Send your application to info@defabriek.nu. Please forward to anyone interested!

About foundation De Fabriek:
De Fabriek is an alternative art and culture center in Rotterdam. It's a working and exhibiting platform run by an independent collective of about 40 artists and creatives. We provide a low-threshold and inspiring environment for artists, designers, audiovisual companies and more to start off and develop their work and businesses in. At the same time we provide a public scene for the exhibition and performance of alternative art and music. Independence, self-support and creative freedom are the fundaments of De Fabriek.
--------------------- De Fabriek Rotterdam

subcom labelnight

coming friday, I will be playing in hasselt, belgium. It's the subcom labelnight for a good dose of hardwired music it seems .... I'll be bringing a fresh dose of accu records along, together with my hopefully a bit more easy to install liveset, all properly cased up now, so lets see how it goes, see you there :)

09 November 2008

accu 003 centripetal forces ep

yes, again, the colours come out all wonky and wrong ....
but hey , for now this is the sleeve pre-view sort of thing

its here, finally ...

definately worth the wait, feel the artwork, working its way round and round
energy is a beautiful thing !
artwork by typhique - multitimbral is the name if his audio-visual studio and as most design dummies he is still working on his own website ... yep ..
music was mastered and cut by martin giles, alchemy uk and pressed on 160grams black vinyl by record industry, housed in again a very very colourful sleeve ...
contact me if you wanna help in the distribution process
fuck caSh - we need music =_*