07 December 2006

de dia project toren

November has been a very colourfull month for me, as I have been busy projecting my brothers slides on the big tower that is being constructed right in front of my house. After moving house, the time had come to unpack, and at a certain point I came across the slides that my brother had made a few years ago. He had been experimenting with plastic colourfilters that are being used in professional lighting rigs. He constructed new slides by cutting up the coloured pieces of plastic and inserting these into the empty slide. The result is a sort of glass-in-lead effect and the fun really starts when you combine the slides to make one big "picture" allowing the slides to cross into each others fields and thus blending the colours.
So I had started by projecting two slides, and then it all kind of got out of control.... More projectors, more slides, creating new slides, getting feedback, and finally writing a press infosheet and sending it to the newspaper, resulting in a visit from a journalist, photographer and a complete filmcrew for brabants dagblad (TV).
So on the 3rd Nov, one day before my mum's birthday, there was a big article with full colour photograph in "het Brabants Dagblad" which was the nicest birthday present for my mummy I could imagine ! Also the film crew made a short movie that you can see here:
Right now the slide projectors are back in their storage boxes, awaiting a new moment where they can project the coloured rays of energy.

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