25 December 2010

Slide projections for X-mas gala 2010

For the third year in a row I got to light up a small white chapel for the annual x-mas gala night for the Lions service club.

They raise money for a good cause and try to spread some fun along the way, I try to transform the location by projecting two huge x-mas balls on either side of the stage and then add yellow projections to the two walls next to that. Then there is the ceiling that consists of rows of long panels to improve accoustics, on the balcony I set up two sets of 6 projectors at either side to transform the ceiling from front to back with yellow / green-blue projections.

The actual glass-in-lead windows are lit up by plain building lights at the outside, simulating the sun in a way ... and then to top it off a mirror ball magically helps in creating a star lit sky at the back of the stage ...

This year there was a mobile hanging in the centre of the chapel, they were huge angel like figures holding various items, made of paper/cardboard, and ideal to serve as a moving projection "screen" ....

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