16 December 2009

sensitive colouration

Last week I transformed a small chapel / church for a x-mas ball of a local Lions service club, a real black tie gala event, with an art auction for a good cause and a big band and some singers for entertainment.. this promised to be good fun like last year. Cause the place is totally white in the inside, it is ideal to light up with the slides that my dear brother finsent invented 6 years ago. These slides still do something more than just form images on the walls ... they radiate .... to me anyway ..

It was again amazing to see how the slides did their job, they transformed the place, using yellow and for the ceiling and outside I used the yellow and blue/green slides, in the back I placed a mirrorballl with some pinspots on them to create a sky filled with stars and to top it off two beamers each projected a huge traditional silver christmasball on either side of the stage. Basically a repetition of last year, but with 6 extra projectors the whole picture was really complete and filled up.

Next week I will be in rotterdam with the projectors ... inside a small hallway, curious how that will turn out, at least I am free to choose my colours then ... this was all on request ...

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