20 October 2009

qui que boe

heya, its been a while .... instead of quite regular updates from my u2ouring adventure, all cause I have been working my ass off !
literally .... the back hurts, the elbows squeek, all the result from 6 weeks of literally, scanning shitloads of suncream in stores, it needs to be taken back, off the shelves cause summer is over here ... packing it in boxes, dragging it to your van, driving from one store to the next, and doing so for 8-12 hrs a day .. returning home with 600 kilos of suncream and various old metal displays filling up every last cubic centimetre in the back of the van ... .. whaaaaaaaa its enough now ... four weeks, ok, five mmm .. nr 6 is getting to me, especially haveing to go to utrecht again .... good thing its holiday now, not too much traffic, still jams but way less ... three more days ... and then no more .... honestly, I have to admitt, I am very pleased though, never had dreamed that I would get a project like this so close after my mad u2 summer that did cost me quite a buck, so i needed some sort of job .... ideally one, with shitloads of work, in a short perios..... and this project truely allowed me to fill some holes, and in the meantime, because its coinciding with the freshly announced plans for the 2010 tour .... it is sending me on my way already .. sort of .... first concert and plane tickets have been bought, first hostels have been reserved, madness I know, buying tickets now, for a concert on the 2nd october in coimbra portugal, or the 6th september in istanbul but hey, i feel very lucky i am able to do so .... wonderful cities to be discovered !

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