12 March 2007

monday morning the sun is out

12th march and it feels like spring is in the air, just like yesterday, incredible to be outside, feeling the sun on your skin.. it's only then that I realise that we dont get enough of it here..... even though the winter was total crap, cause dont get me wrong, I love the sun, but would give you a finger if I could skate the 11 steden tocht once in my life (a legendary skate tour in holland, only possible when there is a cold period, freezing the canals etc) I wil keep dreaming !

yesterday was funny, I ended up in a skip, literally ! going for a stroll, seeing a big container, big containers outside of buildings where they are refurbishing always intrigue me.... so I decided to climb up and see if there was anything recyclable there.... It turned out there was shitloads of powercable, the thick one that is much wanted even by the "so called strippers" as they strip the plastic and take the copper wiring and hand it in at the scrap metal shop. Not sure if I could re-use it, or maybe start stripping it myself, I decided it would be a waste to leave it there.. and I started making a plan how to get the much entangled wire out of the container. At a certain point I was pulling and pulling, when al of a sudden a piece of cable hit me in the eye, taking out my contact lens !!! Oh no, one of my first thoughts was: I wil never have enough cable to pay for a new contact... so I started looking, knowing it was useless. After 10 minutes I gave up, decided to go back home to get a pair of cutters so I could at least get some more cable out to pay for my contact.... Back home I took my spare contact, and a pair of wire cutters and headed back.... entered the container, back to the position when I lost my contact, looked every possible spot in front and to the sides of me, notting .... then for some reason I looked behind me, and amazingly, in a spot where I would have never ever looked, there was my contact, it must have gone over my shoulder, somehow ... ayway.. I was a happy chappy ! You can imagine I had loads of fun taking more of the cable out of the container and I will let you know what the final score was .... all in the name of recycling ofcourse :)

Here is your snack for today :

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